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Liaoning City Law Firm, as the name is approved by Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China and its establishedment is authorized by Judicial Bureau of Liaoning Province.The law firm is founded by Li Hongjie, the lawyer with rich-experience engaged in legal matters for many years, The scope of business mainly dealing with corporation commerce, labor, maritime law and also for civil, criminal, real estate, commercial litigation and arbitration, litigation, enterprises and private legal counsel and other non-litigation legal affairs. as well as international legal affairs.

The city law firm is located in the Xinghai bay,the beautiful place of Dalian City, a new cross-sea bridge in sight. The infinite and the vast sea gives our lawyers broad feelings, We are focus on enhancing special capacity, while also participates in social welfare undertakings actively, try our best to protect the benefits of women and children,the social vulnerable groups such as the laid-off workers, the poor masses and migrant workers in accordance with the law, participate in community publicity and public welfare activities and  has earned high praise from society.

The law firm lawyers established a good cooperation with the executive, judiciary in legal affairs, ensuring the effective conduct of the business. In addition, our lawyers acting as legal counsel for a number of large and medium-sized enterprises in Dalian City, provide effective and timely legal help in the industry of company rules building,contract review, business disputes handling and litigation matters agents etd and wins outstanding reputation in legal practies.

Looking to the future, we will service for safeguard the legitimate rights and profits of customers with our proacctive,pursuit of excellence, the professional spirit of the law.


Our practice philosophy: the pursuit of excellence, reaching perfection

The pursuit of excellence: With the tireless and enterprising attitude, the lawyers of the firm concentrated on study and promote in mutual,enhance professionalism, broaden the field of business services, deepen the study of theoretical knowledge, enhanced skills and case-handling ability, strive to build a strong comprehensive capacity teamwork.

Perfection: client’s profit is the core of our works,client’s satisfication is our demanding service standard,with specil knowlede and practice experice,the law firm will provide high quality serice for each of client.

Director of lawyer Li Hongjie, The City Law Firm founder, Bachelor degree from Wuhan University and Master of Law from Dalian Maritime University, the Department of China Lawyers Association member, the maritime Committee member of the Bar Association of Liaoning Province, Dalian City Bar Association, the Company Law Committee and maritime committee member, the volunteer of Dalian women's rights protection, the volunteer of protection of Minors, the member of Dalian lawyers volunteer.

Lawyer Li has a deep academic attainments and practicing skills in handling corporation legal affairs, maritime disputes, labor disputes, economic disputes. She worked for a large state-owned enterprises and shipping enterprises, well versed in the company's management system, logistics and shipping business processes. and has a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in maritime scope, she has successfully hosted many maritime cases.

The lawyer Li has served as legal adviser for many large group enterprises, trading companies, logistics companies, high-tech enterprise since she practice in law and successfully avoid some risk in business operation, also solve all kinds of business disputes,  provide a full range of quality legal services and honored a high reputation of clients.

Wang nan,The full-time lawyer, graduated from Dalian University of Technology, with science and engineering academic background, specializes in civil law, criminal law, real estate law, business areas , has superb analytical ability on a difficult complex litigation,flexibility to solve all kinds of disputes and have high adjustment capacity.

Sun Hui,the full-time lawyer, Bachelor of Law from Northwest University of Political Science, specializes in company and labor law. She is good at various types of contracts written,review, analysis, master in various non-litigation affairs, be rich of legal and professional knowledge.

The experts and consultant team members of the city law have graduated from Dalian Maritime University, Northwest University of Political Science and Law, Dalian Polytechnic University and other famous universities, All of them have strict and formal professional education and has a rich and solid experience in handling cases. Our lawyers are adhering to the concept of "honesty, rigor and professionalism, service people," and by virtue of deep expertise and mastery of litigation and non-litigation business, dedicated to provide high quality services for all customers.

Business Scope(The law firm could provide the legal service including but is not restricted in the following item):

Legal consel business

    The legal consel business for companies has been the core business of our legal team, with a rich and extensive experience in this area, and establish a good working relationship with a number of enterprises,We can provide more targeted and professional services according to different type,size and growth stages of enterprises, the main range of services including:

-Due diligence and analysis on enterprise management,legal risk assessment, making risk assessment report for enterprises.

-Participate in the management of the company's contract, drafting, review, modify, making all kinds of legal instruments and legal documents related to the project, contracts, agreements, letters of intent text.

-Make a Legal Risk Management Series Training for executives of enterprise.

-To provide legal advice and opinions for company’s set up, design for establish program, drafting registered company files.

-To provide legal advice and to assist in the drafting of relevant documents on equity changes for the company, merger, division, investment, leasing, transfer of assets,bidding and other important economic activities involving corporate interests.

-The entrusted agency ,litigation and arbitration business

-Other legal matters.

Labor laws and special business

With wealth of practical experience, profound theoretical knowledge and diligent and sincere attitude,We provide you with professional services in Labor division:

-To make labor legal risk examination for the enterprise and issue a risk assessment report and legal proposals.

-To involved in the labor dispute negotiations, mediation, reconciliation and agency labor arbitration, litigation.

-Management of labor contracts, drafting non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, training time agreement.

-To make human resources management instruments, to amend the employee handbook, rules and regulations.

-To review the legal validity of the internal rules and regulations such as rest and vacation, reward , working hours,labor remunerationin etc system of enterprise.

-Training for enterprise such as labor law training, corporate training, the design of enterprise restructuring, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions when the layoffs and personnel placement program.

Maritime special legal service

The firm lawyers have many years experience in the field of maritime and successfully hosted many incidents of maritime cases, showing superb skills, our range of services including:

-Dispute of forwarder agency and cargo transportation contract.

-Dispute of crew labor remuneration.

-Dispute of ship chartering, construction, shipbuilding and ship sales contract.

-Dispute of  Bill of lading, delivery of goods without b/l,cargo damage.

  -Dispute of Marine insurance and compensation.

-Dispute of Maritime personal injury compensation.

  -Application for arrest of the ship and maritime evidence preservation.

The citizen rights law service

In the fields of ordinary civil and commercial matters, the criminal defense,Our main business scope:

-Marriage and inheritance: drafting, making pre-marital property agreement, divorce agreements, wills; agent in divorce proceedings, inheritance disputes and other related business of marriage and inheritance.

-Accident: provide accident legal advice,behalf of negotiation, mediation, drafting of relevant legal instruments, participate in the proceedings,agent for related traffic accidents.

-Apartments for sale and  lease: Accompany with buyers to participate the purchase, investigate the condition of real estate permissions,review and amend the relevant agreement,assist in the negotiation and signing of the purchase contract, agents of all types of real estate disputes, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Labor Disputes

To provide legal advice of the labor dispute,drafting application for labor arbitration, drafting the indictment of the labor dispute,agency for negotiations, conciliation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

-Accept the commission of clients on various types of tort cases, to protect the party's name, likeness, reputation, personal, property and other rights.

-Accept the commission of clients,handle litigation business credit and debt disputes.

-Intellectual property rights (authorship, copyright, trademark, patent) legal services: agent for patent applications, trademark registration, software copyright registration; agent technology secrets, trademarks, patents and copyright transfer and licensing; provide legal advice on intellectual property.

-Criminal defense and agents: as the defender, in court to defend, act as an agent of the criminal incidental civil cases,victims to denounce the crime,make a claim etc.

-Execution: Accept the commission of client,as agent on behalf of client for handle all kinds of judgment, the execution, mediation agreement, arbitration and other legal instruments.

-To make lawyers witness, notarial agent business, issued lawyer’s letter etc.




Lawyer HongJie Li,

 As a member of Committee of China Lawyers Association, Maritime Commission of Committee of Liaoning Lawyers Association,committee of Dalian corporate law& Maritime of Dalian Lawyers Association,a volunteer Protecting the Legitimate Rights and Interests of Women and Children ,a member of voluntary organization . Basis on special law spirit, She viewed justice as the highest human virtue, and in good faith ,devote for society.
Lawyer Li is expert in solve some dispute of her business area such as firm law affairs,Labor,sales or purchase contract,claimming and so on.
She has undertaken a legal adviser for many group corporation, trade enterprise and well-know logistic company etc. successful fulfilled many dispute in respect of house sales and buyings,labor arbitrations,buy and sell goods,compensation for damage etc.
Lawyer Li graduated from Wuhan University of Technology(Becholor Degree) and Dalian maritime University(Master Degree).With excellent grade passed jutice examination and got a offical lawyer qualification certificate . Having work experience of grades to passed the judicial large state-owned enterprises and harbor bureau,She is very familiar with firm engagement system and shipping and logistics industry. With wide knowledge in Maritime.She have fulfill many kinds of Maritime cases, women protecting right and assistant cases.
With fully law knowledge, great cordiality, diligence,She's very competent and industrious,She have enrich experience on firm law affairs and can assured of fast and efficient service for the precative client.
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